Waycon Innovation, Inc.

Welcome to Waycon Innovation, Inc.

We are design, manufacturing and suppliers of fruit processing machinery for the produce industry. Many leading fruit growers, especially in Western regions including British Columbia, Canada and Washington, Oregon and California in the U.S., turn to Waycon Innovation, Inc. for the extensive knowledge, understanding, and ability to troubleshoot the unique issues present in the fruit harvest and processing industry.

Waycon Innovation, Inc. caters to a large segment of the North American fruit & vegetable industry most notably for processing for cherries, pears, apples and peppers. If you're interested in produce sorting, cleaning, cooling, sizing, and packaging systems using the most modern technology to help your business grow and prosper, contact us. Our engineers will design, install and maintain the best system to meet your company needs.

Waycon Innovation Product Range
- Preparatory equipment
- Conveying equipment
- Cooling equipment
- Processing equipment
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